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How Proceedings is Conducted
The Procedure

How Proceedings is conducted

On the primary day of hearing, if the court thinks there square measure deserves within the case, it'll issue notice to the alternative party, to submit their arguments, and fix a date. On supplying of notice to the alternative party, the litigant is needed to try to the following:

File requisite quantity of procedure--- fee within the court. File a pair of copies of plaint for every litigator within the court, i.e. if there square measure three defendants, half dozen copies has got to be filed. Of, the two copies for every litigator, one shall be sent by Register/post/courier, and one by standard post. Such filing ought to be done at intervals seven days, from date of order/notice.


Written Statement

When the notice has been issued to the litigator, he's needed to look on the date mentioned within the notice. Before such date, the litigator is needed to file his "written statement", i.e. his defence against the allegation raised by litigant, at intervals thirty days from date of service of notice, or at intervals such time as given by court the written statement ought to specifically deny the allegations, that litigator thinks square measure false. Any allegation not specifically denied is deemed to be admitted. The written statement ought to conjointly contain verification from the litigator, stating that, the contents of written statement square measure true and proper. The fundamental measure of thirty days, for filing a Written Statement, will be extended to ninety days when seeking permission of the court.

Replication By litigant


"Replication" could be a reply, filed by the litigant, against the "written statement" of litigator. "Replication" ought to conjointly specifically deny the allegations raised by the litigator in written statement. Something not denied is deemed to be accepted. Replication ought to conjointly contain, “verification from the litigant, stating that contents of "Replication" square measure true and proper. Once Replication is filed, pleadings square measure explicit to be complete

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