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Property disputes
illegal possession, ancestral property settlement

A property lawyer can resolve include illegal possession, ancestral property settlement, builder harassment, property disputes between siblings, relatives, home buyers, real estate agents and brokers. Use zims legal firm to hire a top rated property lawyer in city to file or defend a partition suit, title dispute and for due diligence of your property's documents. 


boundary dispute may be a question of confusion or uncertainty; perhaps neither you nor your neighbour has ever really looked at your respective deeds, and both had different assumptions about the extent of your property. A boundary dispute can also be for more technical reasons; perhaps your neighbour’s deed actually shows possession of the same bit of land over which your deed ostensibly gives you possession.

There are different types of boundary disputes, and different approaches to solving them. Cooperation and diplomacy, however, are often the best solutions, no matter which side of the fence or property line you’re on

Defining Boundaries and Property Lines

What are boundaries or property lines? Essentially, these are the lines on a county’s tax map that define and set apart different parcels of land. In condominium units, these sorts of “lines” are very simple, since you can easily spot the “beginning” and “end” of an apartment unit.

But boundary lines can become more complicated in single-family residential, suburban, or rural settings. While natural boundaries like ponds or roads can help establish lines, the property line is often an arbitrary line through a lawn or field. And sometimes the landscape itself has changed, for example if a lake has dried up or someone built a fence in the wrong place. In these situations, spotting the line with your eyes isn’t possible.

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