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Dowry cases
matrimonial disputes lawyer

A family advocate or a matrimonial disputes lawyer is a person who has knowledge about and experience working in areas like child custody, divorce, separation, and mutual-divorce. A family advocate or a matrimonial disputes lawyer can help clients in India, USA, Australia, Canada,gulf and elsewhere by:

Providing information about options available to the client,

Developing plans for what the client needs to do, and

Helping the client gather and present information when necessary.

What can a family advocate do for me? An advocate may help you understand information on the following:

1.    Your rights and options

2.    Court process and rules

3.    Procedures and investigations

Family law in India has now become inter-linked with criminal law. In most of family disputes, parties also have some criminal court case. Advocates in ZIMS Legal firm can help clients in India and NRI clients in USA, Australia, Canada in the following ways:

1.    Draft FIR, Police Complaints

2.    Negotiate during mediation and conciliation

3.    File anticipatory and regular bails

4.    Quashing of FIR and Criminal Complaints

5.    Compromise quashing in case of settlement between the parties

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